Choosing a Bird Bath For Your Backyard Oasis

Decorating Your Yard With a Bird Bath

Adding a bird bath to your backyard design can create a feeling of serenity and a connection with nature. These bird baths provide the perfect source for the birds of nature to frolic in your own backyard. When you are looking to purchase a bird bath for your garden, there are few things to take into consideration first, such as the various sizes, designs and styles for your particular garden.

Bird Bath Designs

Here is a list of some of the designs and styles of bird baths that you will see on the market:

Ground – These types of bird baths are your basic design, which are simply basins that rest on the ground. Some of them are made from very basic designs, while more elaborate ones feature fountains and other intricate designs. These types of bird baths are more suitable for larger birds that may visit, such as ducks or quail.

Pedestal – These bird baths have a pedestal that elevates the water basin from the ground. These are rather simple to assemble and install, and are the most popular design. Because of their popularity, they come in a very wide variety of styles and designs.

Hanging – These bird baths designs feature a shallow basin that is suspended from a rope or chain, and are usually hung from a tree branch, garden hook or gutter. These usually have a smaller water capacity, and are generally less expensive than pedestal models.

Fountain – These are great choices for bird baths as birds are attracted to the moving water that the fountain provides. They are also very pretty and serene, and create a wonderful atmosphere in the backyard. These models are usually more expensive than the pedestal models.

Heated – For those who live in colder climates who want to have their bird bath accessible by birds year-round, heated bird bath models may be the right choice. These bird baths feature a heater that keeps the water from freezing over during the winter months, allowing birds to enjoy the bath throughout the year.

Solar – These bird baths use solar panels to heat the bath water, or to provide the energy necessary to keep a fountain bird bath model functioning and moving the water. These solar panels can be removed if necessary. These models are generally quite expensive, but are highly dynamic types of bird baths for any garden.

For an idea of where to find various styles of bird baths on the market, see our buying guide below:

Where to Buy Bird Baths For Your Garden


This attractive Bird Scene 280 Flower Pot Bird Bath Box can be planted directly in the pot or left in the grow pot and placed inside. The flower pot is removable to provide easy emptying of the water from the bird bath. This stone colored bird bath is available at for $37.55.

Turn your flower garden into a peaceful resting place for bathing birds with this Fluted Bird Bath. This model is a classically styled bird bath constructed out of durable, marble-filled resin. The wide bowl and pedestal feature a classic fluted pattern that will beautify your garden’s landscape. The antique textured finish resembles an aged stone bath from a European garden, which provides elegance and timeless charm. This model is cast in a crushed marble-resin composition which will stand the test of time. You can use this bird bath year round, as the material is weather-resistant and will not crack under extreme temperatures. This bird bath is lightweight, making it easy to move from one spot to another. Buy this Fluted Bird Bath for $99.99 at


This great Worldwide Sourcing Tortolla Bird Bath costs $88 at Sears. This lovely design will be sure to both enhance your garden’s esthetics as well as provide a serene place for birds to bathe.



This Allied Precison Non Heated Birdbath With Water Wiggler includes an “octagon type” bowl with a pedestal that can easily be filled with rocks or sand for stability. This model also includes a water wiggler, which moves the water for birds to see it and notice it, and prevents mosquitoes from laying eggs in the bath. Buy yours today for $49 at



This Createk Stone Pedestal Bird Bath One looks like real granite stone, and resists chipping and fading over the years when placed outside. Birds will love bathing in this bird bath, which also doubles as a lovely decorative piece for any garden. Buy it for $198 at TJB Inc.



Buying Your Bird Bath Based on Your Budget

There are so many bird bath models to choose from, and deciding on the style and design is one of the most important factors to consider. However, ultimately the choice of bird baths to purchase will come down to the cost. The good news is that there is a bird bath on the market that will suit just about any budget. Understanding the various types of bird baths available on the market can help gardeners select the perfect bird bath for their personality, garden design and budget, while still providing a wonderful water source for all visiting birds.

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Outdoor Garden Decorating With Planters: Buying Guide

Using Planters to Decorate Your Garden

Whether you have a large property, or a small apartment patio space, planters can add a bit of splash and personality to your garden oasis. Planters themselves are very decorative, and can be purchased in a multitude of shapes, sizes, colors and materials. They are also conveniently used to house plants, small shrubs, flowers and even herbs and vegetables. For those who like to have some versatility and portability with their greenery, planters provide the perfect solution. They are perfect for accenting large gardens, and can act as the main source of greenery on small apartment patios.

Consider the following factors before you go out and purchase planters for your garden:

  • Size of the plant that will be placed in the planter at full maturity
  • Whether or not the planter will receive full sun all day
  • Whether they will be left outdoors during the colder months
  • Whether the planters will stay in one spot or will be moved around
  • The material and color of the planter

The perfect planter for your greenery will allow adequate room for enough soil and for root growth. In addition, make sure the planter has drainage holes or is made of material that you can drill holes into in order to allow excess water can drain out. This will help to prevent waterlogging of the roots. You’ll also want to make sure that the planter material is porous enough to allow the soil to breathe adequately so that the roots receive enough oxygen.

If you are planning to leave the planter outdoors during the cold winter months, make sure that the material you select for your planter is able to withstand harsh climates. Certain materials are prone to cracking or breaking when left outdoors in the winter, while others are able to withstand these colder temperatures. On the other hand, if you would prefer to move the planter indoors during the winter, your concern will be whether or not the planter is easily moved when it is full of soil.

There are many different materials that various planters are made of. Each one has specific advantages, depending on what your particular needs are. Some of these include the following:

Ceramic – These retain water very well, and are quite attractive. They come in many different colors and designs.
Metal – These are affordable, and are easily transported and moved from one spot to another.
Plastic/Fiberglass – These are long-lasting, as they are able to resist breakage quite well. They are also lightweight, making them very portable.
Terra Cotta – These are very attractive, and quite affordable. They provide excellent drainage for your plants and flowers, and are easy to mix and match with other planters.
Wood – These planters are affordable, and provide good drainage for your plants.

Here are a few great planters that you may want to consider to decorate your garden with:

Where to Buy Planters For Your Garden

Create a lovely effect with these antique zinc-finished Strathwood Basics Square Zinc-Finished Planters. These are available in a set of two tapered planters, in two sizes, making outfitting your garden or patio simple. They are made of 100% galvanized sheet, making these planters durable and attractive. The slightly tapered design gives them a more elegant silhouette. Whether placed in rows or clustered together, the design looks great either way. Buy a set of 2 of these planters for $59.99 at


These Square Fiberclay Napa Nantucket Vase Planters are made of sturdy fiberclay material, and feature a white-washed cedar finish. The simple silhouettes create clean lines. These are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Buy a set of 3 of these planters for $573.99 at


This SomerTile Mediterranean stoneware planter is made of natural stone, resin and waterproof fiberglass. It is hand-painted, lightweight and resistant to chipping and cracking, making this pot ideal for both indoor or outdoor use in any type of climate. Buy yours today for $76.41 at

The clean modern lines of this desirable Lisbon Planter make it a great piece to make a statement in your garden or patio. They are available in Classic Black and Chinese Red, and can also be customized to your desired color. These planters are constructed of fibreglass, making them ideal for use inside and outside. Many designers make these their first choice, considering their elegance and scale. Buy this Lisbon Planter for $242 at


These New Age Garden Planters are weather resistant, moisture proof and insect-free. They are very durable and sturdy, and are very easy and quick to assemble. These planters are easy to clean and maintain, and can be customized with any type of paint or an oil-based stain. Buy this planter for $82 at


Selecting the Perfect Planter For Your Garden

Choosing a planter for your garden should depend on a number of factors, including your personal style and taste. Luckily, there are literally hundreds of different styles and colors to choose from, making it almost impossible not to able to find a planter that meets your tastes. In addition, you want to make sure that the planter you select is ideal for the size and type of your plant, and has adequate drainage. Above all, make sure the planter you select matches your budget as well!

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Increased Demand for Apartments

There has been a distinct rise in apartment renting in recent years as people have had to get used to alternative employment options due to the economic problems experienced worldwide in the past decade and this increased demand for apartments has made it necessary for many apartment managers and management companies to work with companies like Lease Runner so as to ensure that all of the applications a company might receive for an apartment vacancy would be looked at and considered on a timely basis so that those vacancies could be filled by the most appropriate tenant available.

Choosing a Growing Temperature

When choosing a temperature at which to grow marijuana, it's best to consider a temperature that's warm and above 80 degrees. However, it's important to make sure that the lights from don't create an environment that has no ventilation to it. It's always best to ensure that there is some airflow in the space even if it is quite warm. Ensuring a healthy growing temperature might take some modifications over time to make sure that the right amount of airflow is being fed into the space, so buying a thermometer to read the temperature is a good idea.

Water Fountain Tips and Ideas: Where to Buy Water Fountains

Water Fountains For Indoors and Out

Water fountains can be the perfect accent to compliment an indoor or outdoor design. They come in many shapes, sizes, prices and designs to make them highly versatile and available for just about any household. Below are some tips for buying, placing and maintaining your water fountain in your home or backyard:


Choosing the Right Space for Your Backyard Water Fountain – Select a location for your water fountain that will be both functional, easy to maintain and easily accessible. You want to be able to see the fountain with minimal effort in order to enjoy it to the fullest. Placing it is a corner or other obscure space will minimize the esthetic effect of the fountain, so make sure it’s placed in a spot that is easily viewed, safe, and accessible to a water source.

Selecting a Waterfall Fountain For Your Backyard Oasis – There are different types of fountains to choose from for your outdoor space, and a waterfall-style is one of them. These waterfalls mimic the soothing motion and sounds of a tropical waterfall, and can add a sense of serenity in your own backyard.

Daily Maintenance For Keeping Your Water Fountain Clean – Maintaining the cleanliness of your water fountain on a daily basis only takes a few minutes. Keeping up on this task will save you extra time and effort in cleaning a fountain that has been neglected for weeks. In addition, keeping it clean on a regular basis will also help to keep it functioning properly, and will extend the life of the fountain and the pump.

Custom Indoor Water Fountains – Water fountains are not just for the outdoors. Many homes and offices are adorned with beautiful indoor water fountains that give the space both an esthetic appeal as well a source of relaxation. Studies suggest that the presence of moving water from a water fountain indoors improves the air quality. In addition, the sounds of the falling water create a sense of serenity and help to relax those in its vicinity.

Indoor water fountains can really stand out in an indoor space. Not just esthetically, but because of the positive and negative ions emitted from the flowing water. Negative ions have been known to be found in some of the most peaceful settings in the world, and consist of invisible molecules. These are the types of ions people inhale when in a setting like the beach.

These ions increase serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that helps with sleep, depression and memory. For this reason, the ions emitted from an indoor fountain can have positive effects on one’s psychological health, in addition to providing an appealing artifact to have on display.

Read on to find out where to buy some water fountains for either indoor or outdoor use.

Where to Buy Water Fountains for Indoor and Outdoor Use

This Kenroy Home Waterdrop Natural Slate Tabletop Fountain is made of natural slate and copper, and is great for both indoor or outdoor use. The polished river stones are included. Buy yours today at for $129.99.





The elegant bronze finish creates a timeless look on this Garden Classic 3-Tier Fountain. It’s perfect for your patio or in your garden, and the resin material is highly weather-resistant. The soothing water flow sound will help you relax and enjoy your surroundings. Buy one for $149 at Simply Fountains.



This Courtyard Outdoor Fountain has an artful textured curtain of patterned and natural slate, and the organic form and the gentle sound of the water make for a tranquil space. The layered metallic accent design is bottom lit, which creates wonderful shadows onto the backdrop. Buy one for $331 at

This Classic Two-Tier Reconstituted Granite Fountain offers a charming look for patios or garden areas. It is constructed from reconstituted granite for a beautiful classic look, and is perfect for both indoor or outdoor use. The two tier design allows for a gentle water cascade from each level. The pump is included, and the fountain plugs into any standard wall outlet for easy installation and operation. Buy it for $249.99 at



This Bond Alcazar Water Fountain costs $560, and is sold at The Home Depot. This water fountain is elegant, versatile and unique, and is actually lighter than concrete! These water fountains can surely become the staple in any garden decor, with their unique design to compliment any garden decor.



Improve the Esthetics and Appeal of Your Indoor or Outdoor Space

Increasing the esthetic appeal and serene ambience is mad easy with the installation of a beautiful and artistic water fountain. Not only will they provide decor and a focal point for any space, but it can also improve the ambience and psychological health of those who surround these fountains. Make sure to have a design plan before you buy your fountain. You’ll want to make sure that the product that you purchase will have a maximum effect on your space’s appeal and ambience.

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Small Homes and Backyards

It is increasingly common for homes to be built quite close to one another, but this doesn't mean that it's impossible to include fun backyard elements that would make the small space great for parties and gatherings. A Brunswick pagoda builder could likely even design a free-standing structure in very small spaces that would work with the home's architecture instead of against it. While some backyards are just a small strip of land which might only accommodate a barbeque, slightly more space is often enough for a nice deck or other backyard designs that can improve the gathering.

Improving Home Exteriors

Having a beautiful home that's clean on the inside is definitely important, but so is having an exterior that looks beautiful as well. This is why having a proper landscaping partner is important whenever a home owner wants to maintain or improve the exterior of his or her home. Professional landscapers can assist with any sort of landscaping projects as well as recommend how best to enhance a yard so that it not only looks great but also offers upkeep options that don't take a lot of work to maintain. Visit for Allendale Landscaping.

Different Hazards in Golf

The game of golf seems simple in that the goal of the game is straightforward, but today's courses offer some interesting and intricate ways of creating hazards and barriers to completing a hole. A single fairway may be as many as several hundred feet long, and between the teeing round and the hole there can be all sorts of issues that make it necessary to pay attention when you're driving your cart from Not only are the fairways sometimes thin, but they can also feature sand bunkers, water hazards, and have dense brush along the sides that makes for a ferocious out-of-bounds area.

Choosing Plants for the Yard

When choosing new plants for the yard, it's best to choose what landscapers and gardeners call "zone appropriate" plants that will flourish in the environment in which a home exists. By choosing plants that work well for a specific area of the country, a homeowner can reduce the amount of water used and maintenance required for yard work. When consulting with, it's a good idea to see if the existing plants in the yard are all right for the zone or whether more appropriate replacements could reduce the overall cost of watering and maintaining the yard's foliage and plants.

Comparing HID Lights to Incandescent Lighting

The new types of lights available for growing indoors means that an indoor gardener or horticulturalist must compare the efficiency of present systems to what might already be installed. Interestingly, one 1000 watt bulb from that's a high intensity discharge light will equal the lighting power of more than 100 regular incandescent bulbs.  However, one of the important things about replacing bulbs is that it's not a good idea to throw out lights before they've fully expired. While you might consider replacing them, they should be donated, recycled, or used elsewhere until they no longer function.

Landscaping Ideas for Sculpture Statues | Buying Guide

Integrating Statues in Your Landscaping

Depending on your personal style, the extravagance of your yard, and your budget, adding a statue to your landscaping can take on a modest or grand tone. Selecting the right statue for your backyard oasis can provide a wonderful focal point without becoming an over-bearing source. Combining other landscaping items, such as flowers, plants, stones, lighting and pathways with the statue can create a wonderfully esthetically pleasing appeal to your landscaping. Here are a few tips to choosing the right statue and integrating it properly and effectively on your property:

Proper Planning

Consider the surrounding area around the spot that you will be placing your statue, as well as the space leading up to the statue. Decide if you would prefer to have your statue be placed at the end of a path destination – such as at the back of a property – or if it will be in the center of the garden. Either, way, it should be strategically placed in the line of sight for maximum effect.

Incorporate Nature

Planning, designing and building your landscaped yard is largely affected by how you embrace nature. Whatever part of nature you like best, incorporate elements into your landscaping that will enhance these aspects. For example, if you love butterflies and birds, incorporate elements into your design that will attract these creatures and provide them with a sanctuary that they will enjoy. Planting certain plants immediately adjacent to your statue that will attract these butterflies and birds will create a wonderful oasis for both you and these natural creatures.

Creating Symmetry

If your statue will be placed in the center of the garden, try to make sure that any decor immediately surrounding the statue is symmetrical all around. If the statue is being placed at the end of a destination near the back of a property, make sure either side of the statue contains symmetrical landscaping elements. Make sure to keep these other elements clean and simple so as not to take away from the statue’s effect.

Be sure to check out the following guide for where to find statues for your landscaping designs:

Where to Buy Landscaping Statues

This Windblown Sculpture features a bare shouldered maiden holding her gown against a gust of wind. This statue was designed by Frenchman Pilet, winner of the prestigious Grand Prix de Rome and Medal of Honor. This statue is wonderfully detailed, from the drape of fabric down to the arch of the woman’s delicate feet. This nearly 3-foot-tall casting placed in a pond or in an entryway will create elegance in any space. Buy it for $149 at

This Cast Stone Meditating Buddha Garden Statue in Weathered Bronze is available at a price of $59 at the Home Depot. The peaceful face and relaxed pose of this classic Buddha statue will bring serenity to any garden. This model is finished with a hand-applied stain to simulate a weathered bronze appearance. It is manufactured in long lasting, high quality cast stone that is frost-proof to ensure years of durability, even in harsh climates.


Add a touch of youthful charm to your garden with this Alpine Boy and Girl Reading Together Garden Statue. This endearing statue is made of cast resin and given a patina finish. This statue is sure to brighten up any yard or garden path. Get yours today for $219.99 at


This lovely Craft-Tex Ladybug Winterthur Spring Garden Statue is manufactured using a composite resin, and is finished in a lead hue. This versatile statue can be used both indoors or outdoors for the ultimate in versatility. Buy it for $171.95 via Bellacor.


This Harvest Cherub Garden Statue will be sure to enliven your garden landscaping while embracing Mother Nature. This lifelike garden sculpture is cast in durable fiber stone, which is a mix of sand, stones, and fiberglass. This fiber stone is lighter and stronger than concrete. The hand-applied sandstone finish creates an age-old appearance. Rest easy knowing that this durable statue will be able to withstand harsh climates, and can be left in the garden year-round without chipping or cracking in cold temperatures. Buy it at for $399.

Creating a Backyard Oasis With Landscaping Statues

You don’t necessarily have to live on an acre of land in order to enjoy the wonder of a landscaping statue. You also don’t have to break the bank in order to make this purchase. Just about any outdoor space can be adorned with a decorative and artistic statue, which will be sure to create a lovely focal point in any landscaping design. Be sure to select the statue that matches your style, landscaping design, size of property and budget to reap maximum benefits of owning a landscaping statue.

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Modern Resume Options for Landscaping

Resumes today are often quite lean as far as how much information is shared with potential employers and no longer is it mandatory that a person has resume writing services create a very long document for submission to potential jobs. Most of the time a resume will need nothing more than a basic listing of information related to a particular job and in such circumstances it would be best to be as concise as possible with those resume details. For example, a person might want to look at including only very short explanations for each job title.

Tips for Buying and Maintaining a Pond Fountain

Adding Esthetic Appeal to Your Residential Pond

A pond in a residential backyard can add a great deal of serenity and natural appeal to any outdoor oasis. Adding a pond fountain can create a great deal of esthetic appeal to the pond, and really make it stand out. The simple sight and sound of water falling into the pond is very soothing, and can create a feeling of serenity.

In addition to providing esthetic appeal, pond fountains also assist with aeration, which minimizes the extent of algae growth in the pond. They also help to reduce any foul odors that may be present in waters that remain stagnant.

When looking to purchase a pond fountain, keep the following factors in mind:

Location of the Fountain – Selecting the location of the fountain within the pond is essential for maximizing the pond’s charisma and charm. Many people choose to put the fountain directly in the centre, particularly if the pond is symmetrical. However, others place the fountain relative to other objects within the pond area, such as shrubs, rocks, and other objects.

Height of the Fountain Spray – The height of the water spraying up from the fountain should be proportionate to the size of the pond. If too much height is achieved by the water spray, water will spill out of the pond, and will look over-bearing. A good rule of thumb to follow is to ensure that the height of the spray is no more than half of the diameter of the pond.

Type of Fountain – These days, you’ll find a variety of pond fountains on the market. They will vary in shape, size and materials, making your selection process even more involved. Select the fountain material and style that suits both the look you are going for, as well as your budget.

Type of Water Spray Pattern – Different fountains will produce a different shape when the water is sprayed out. Some shoot up straight in the air, while others create an umbrella or foam shape. Envision how you’d like the water to look when it is being sprayed out of the pond fountain.

Type of Pump – Depending on the volume of water that you want to be pumped out of the fountain, you’ll want to select a pump that will match this desire. Certain pumps are more powerful and designed for larger ponds with greater water spray volume, while others are much smaller and are designed for smaller ponds with subtle water spray.

Additional Accessories – To enhance the look and feel of the pond fountain, you can choose to add other accessories, such as lighting, statues and even music. Lights especially can create a wonderful ambience in the evening as the lights reflect off of the water. You don’t necessarily have to install these extra features at the time of the pond fountain installation – these can always be added later on.

When looking to buy a pond fountain for your residential pond, consider one of the following in your search:

Where to Buy Pond Fountains


This Mini Floating Fountain is ideal for small ponds and casual settings, and is very affordable for a small well-lit floating fountain. This model comes with a transformer, 33′ of cable, float, pump, and a ring of 48 LED lights. It is very easily installed – simply plug it in and let it float! Buy it for $119 at Fountain Mountain.




This EFS1750 Standard Fountain is available for purchase at Eagle Fountains for $759. This fountain is intended for clean water ponds with liners, and is made to be installed in ponds with a maximum of 20″ of water depth.



The EasyPro Floating Fountain with LED Lights can be used to create a decorative fountain in pond water. It comes with a 12″ diameter fountain head with two spray nozzles. It can be purchased as a fountain head only or as a complete unit. The 48 diode LED light ring can be customized by selecting the color. Buy it for $132 The Pond Warehouse.



This STI Group 24402R01 Floating Lily Solar Pond Fountain is powered by solar energy. This is meant for smaller ponds, and is super easy to install – simply place it on the water’s surface. This model can be anchored or free floating, and operates in direct sunlight. This fountain comes with 3 different fountain heads, with a water flow capacity of 46 gph. There is no wiring to worry about – simply install and enjoy! There are no operating costs either thanks to the solar power! Buy it today at for $35.

This 3400 Pond Pump has a larger display pattern and is engineering at its best. This model is great for small to medium sized ponds, and creates a beautiful esthetically pleasing display. It is designed for maximum oxygenation to improve the health and appeal of your pond. This pond fountain comes with a control with a timer, and photo eye for light operation. The light will enliven your fountain’s water display, creating a lovely focal point that will enhance your landscaping in the evening hours. Buy it for $1999 via Serenity Health.

After Installation of the Pond Fountain

Once you have selected, purchased and installed the perfect fountain for your pond, you’ll need to keep the following in mind:

Clean Regularly – You’ll need to clean the pond on a regular basis to minimize the amount of algae accumulation. This will keep your pump functioning properly and keep your pond free of odors.

Clean the Pump – The pump will need to be checked and cleaned regularly in order to maximize the lifespan of the pump.

Clean Any Accessories – Any decorative accessories like statues should also be cleaned, since they can develop a build-up of algae and mineral deposits. Make sure to use the appropriate cleaning agent.

Maintain Electrical – For those fountains that have lighting, replacing any burnt-out bulbs will be necessary to maintain the esthetic appeal of your pond fountain.

Taking good care of your pond and the fountain will increase the fountain’s longevity, and will increase the beauty of the pond and your overall landscaping for years to come.

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